Andrea Keller (AK)

AK is a licensed architect who has worked on four continents and speaks six languages.  Her whole life has been dedicated to understanding the meaning contained with architecture, and the great power of the built environment.   She is a specialist in symbols, pattern language and sacred geometry.

She is a former college professor (USC, Otis) and lectures regularly on Architecture and Design.

Favorite things: hiking, animals, sailboats, every type of needlecraft, travel, spicy food and motorcycles.

Education:  Univerisity of Pennsylvania, Design of the Environment (Architecture + Landscape) UCLA, M.Arch

Morgan Oster

Morgan Oster is an Arizona native, raised in the woods of Flagstaff with a family which spent most vacations camping across the southwest. She is the daughter of a hunter and taxidermist, sister of an environmental engineer and conservationist. (She was born for this! )

Due to her great love of the Sonoran Desert and passionate interest in southwest water conservation, Morgan is currently co-authoring a built environment comic book, Water-Rites: Tales from the Lower Basin. 

She brings her unique experiences and passion for sustainability to become a force of good in the world.  

Education:  University of Arizona, B. Arch - Architecture, Land Ethics, Sustainability.

Kim Nadel

For sustainable Interiors, we partner with Kim Nadel, a leader in the field of earth-friendly Design.  Kim's collaborative and global approach inspires transformative spaces that connect people and nature.

She specializes in hospitality and residential living, focusing on sustainability and wellbeing.

Originally from Montreal, she was an integral part of the grassroots sustainability movement in NYC, and is now enjoying the coastal lifestyle in Southern California.  Kim's goal is to promote and foster wellness through thoughtfully planned design within truly equitable and regenerative communities around the world. 

Favorite things: Ocean fun, piano, dolphin watching.

Education:  McGill University, B.A. Organizational Psychology; Pratt Institute, Masters of Science in Interior Design; Domus Academy, Furniture and Industrial Design; Eco Districts AP, LEED AP, ASID, GREEN AP

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